— Digital artist & merchandise designer—Hello! I’m Reshi, a digital artist, illustrator and merchandise designer.I got my graphic designer degree in 2013 and I’ve been doing artist alleys all over Finland since 2015, and recently branched out to cons in other countries in Europe. This is still a hobby of mine as I currently work in a non-art field as my day job, but hopefully someday I can make art my full time job!My current passions are merchandise designing and anime, but I’ve also dabbled with zine making and would like to make more in the future.

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Conventions planned for 2023

Confirmed cons in bold
Finished cons over lined
Desucon Frostbite, Lahti 13.-15.1.
Chibi-Kibecon, Espoo 24.4.
Tampere Kuplii, Tampere 25.-26.3.
Dokomi, Düsseldorf 2.-3.7.

Tracon, Tampere 8.-10.9.
Kibecon, Espoo 11.-12.11.

I specialize in anime-esque artwork, both original and fanart of series’ I enjoy. Sometimes I do furry artwork as well. My favorite thing to draw is character focused graphic illustrations, though I’m working on learning how to do backgrounds and full illustrations.I’ve also started working with Live2D to make stream avatars and animations.Currently using Clip Studio Paint and iPad 7 for all of my works.


One of my absolute favorite things to make are different kinds of mechandise. I try my best to incorporate my style for items that best work with it, like acrylic keychains, lanyards and pins.I’m also very interested with offering items for sale, that not many other artists are offering. Examples for these are microfiber cloths and towels, plush dolls, foiled prints, pillows and other speciality items.

My table at Dokomi 2022

My table at Desucon Frostbite 2023